Human race



Human Race began when Cosmin Marica telephoned Adam Kesselhaut on a Christmas Eve with a melody stuck in his head and dystopian ideas about humanity’s current likely future state. Adam Kesselhaut took the lyrical pictures and ran.

They decided to mint Human Race as their first NFT song to make a statement, believing that technology has benefits and the potential for unintended consequences.

The lyrics


Human race
Music and Lyrics by Cosmin Marica and Adam Kesselhaut

cheap atomic power
enough to heat you twice
never have we lived so nice
human race at holding time

hydro-fumes on line
ammonia makes us blind
we’ll be just brains without our minds
human race at closing time

we stood for peace and love and understanding care
but at home where
there’s a world war there,
every chance
we have to fight,
we go all night

a family in a car
can blow up into parts
never will they live just fine
human race at closing time

I don’t know how to defend an island
of children who mourn in silence
and don’t remember their father’s eyes.
Is the human race closing nice?


Produced by Cosmin Marica
Mixed by Nico Berthold
Vocals by Senta Studer
Piano by Senta Studer
Guitar by Max Geißler

Guitar by Chris Payne
Drums by Cosmin Marica
Clarinet by Mr. Clarino
Bass by WuBass
Orchestral Arrangement by Nico Berthold

Recording owned by Cosmin Marica and Adam Kesselhaut

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